It’s A Beautiful Thing



The road to my first Marathon starting line

It’s petrifying.

It’s electrifying.

My mantra: Run smooth, easy and light.

My first goal: To arrive at the starting line un-injured after training for 6 months.

My second goal: To finish unscathed with all body parts functioning as normal.

But most of all ~ enjoy the experience and find the fun in the pain.


July 5, 2015 ~ my first date with Mary!


20 | Why I Am In Love With My Running Muse

I am spent 
After giving it my all to the pavement
This is the way I give 
My heart is full of love to give

Running takes and takes my love
Asking for more than everything I have
It does not whinge nor cringe nor cry
It does not sulk nor ask me why

Running does not throw a tantrum
When I fall short or fail to return a call
It gracefully receives all that i got to give
And I can love it so until my heart explodes

It takes and takes
Until i am spent
My heart can bleed 


The running learnings continue

15 months into serious running and racing, and I am still learning new things. I thought that I was already doing everything that I should be doing to become a better athlete. Today, I discovered something new.

I have always leaned from the ankles, as they say. I always try to keep my collarbones up, as they say.

Last weekend the hubby said to push out the chest and waist forward as well, exaggerate it a bit. Shoulders must be pushed back. This form actually ensures that I truly am leaning forward from the ankles (I think I wasn’t before, although I thought I was!)

So anyway, this new form is all kinds of awkward at first. But hey, once you get the hang of it, it actually does make for faster speed. I think my butt propelled me forward! That’s what the Born To Run novel said. Apparently, our butts or glutes act as our propellers (or something like that! – don’t quote me on this lol).

I remember seeing a workmate’s snapshot at his first marathon. His was this exact running gait, chest high and forward, he finished in under four hours for his first marathon!

There’s a rub though. Although, it seemed that I speeded up, my lungs and calves could NOT keep up!

So there. I have to transition to this new running form gradually. Else I will surely injure myself again. Shhhh achilles heel!

TODAY’S STATS: 7KM, 6.21 min/km, Cadence 185 (!!!)

PS. That average cadence of 185 spm is amazing. I have always been on the 179-180 average. I am in my #happyplace!

The benefits of having a running coach.

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I have had a running coach for around 12 months now. There was a few reasons that a running coach was something that I wanted. As I started taking my running more seriously I wanted someone that I could be accountable to. Just like when I used to go to the gym and boot camp style classes, this pushed me more than I would ever push myself.

Having a running coach has taught me that I can achieve a lot more than I thought that I could, that pushing myself harder is worth it and shows in my races and that with a coach I won’t give up nearly as easily as if I didn’t have one. Before I had a running coach I would give up in races. When times got tough there was no one watching except me, and my mind was not as strong as it is…

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Are you having problems with shin splints??

Shin splints, be gone!

Empire Unleashed


I hear the word shin splints and I cringe! It is a common running injury we sometimes get! I know I have written and talked about it before, but I am refreshing your memory to help you out!


  • Overpronation
  • Improper or not enough stretching
  • Worn out/ Improper shoes
  • Running surfaces
  • Running form


Having Anterior shin splints, which is towards the outside of your shin muscle, is usually caused by weak calves. Or even not enough stretching and strengthening. Keep your calf muscles strong to avoid anterior shin splints.


  • Once you feel shin pain coming on, you should stop running until it heals, or decrease your distance.
  • R.I.C.E. I am a big believer in ice therapy for recovery. Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate your shins once you feel some pain or discomfort. Wrap some ice packs/frozen peas with an Ace bandage around your shins…

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21 | Freefalling

You asked me
“Have you cried it out?”
But my darling
Don’t you know that
My running is a form of crying?
So if I cannot run
How can I cry?

Hence I free fall
I fall into nothingness

Running is my prayer
Running is my expression of happiness
Running excites me
Running is my therapy

I am in pain, I want to run
I am insane, I want to run
Sadness, happiness, hurtfulness
It’s all the same to me
Running is my punishment
My meditation, a personal moment

It’s an outpouring 
A show of love of the highest order
Does that make sense at all?

So my love
I haven’t cried lately
Because I haven’t been running lately
I am in a state of recovery
It’s not a nice place to be

I am freefalling…


No Excuses NOT to Stretch Your Hammies! 6 Ways to Stop Niggles for Running!

Remember this please ~ A story about hamstrings!

hamstring muscles

Hey RMA crew!

Hope you had a great weekend! We had crazy fun with the Gold Coast Marathon and it was awesome to catch up with so many running mums on the day. There were RMA crew from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and everyone there did amazing with heaps of PB’s as well. If you didn’t make it this year put it on your RMA calendar for 2015, it’s a blast! Got a chance to chat with your Nicole about how running bonds and unites us all. It was great to catch up and hear her story.

Also wanted to quickly talk about hamstring tightness with running because these guys can be troublesome, especially if you don’t understand them properly. We had a friend who came within a breath of missing Gold Coast because of hamstrings so they deserve your respect. First thing you want to know is some…

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